About The Run

What is "The Run"?

From May 23rd to August 28th of 2005, Brandon Newlin and Matt Wyble will be traveling on foot across the United States, from the Atlantic Ocean to the Pacific Ocean.  The title "The Run" is a bit of a misnomer, since we'll be doing both running and walking.

This feat has been attempted and completed before.  The fastest it has ever been completed in is an insane 47 days!  What makes ours different from most is that we will be traveling without vehicle support.  Traveling unsupported is rare among those that cross the U.S. on foot, and we don't know of anyone who has done so in less days then we are planning to do it in.  We also believe we will be the youngest people to accomplish this task (well, actually Brandon is a bit younger, so he'll be the youngest!)

Who are these guys?

Brandon Newlin and Matt Wyble are two guys from Wallace, MI.  We grew up together, through Wallace Elementary School, Stephenson Elementary School, and Stephenson High School.  We decided in high school that we wanted to walk across the USA, and this summer we will make that dream a reality.  To learn more about us, check out the About Us link.

Why the website?

Well, we wanted an easy way to allow many people to follow our progress with as little work as possible.  We realized that this is the perfect way for people to "check up" on us, and for our "multitudes" of loyal fans to get the latest news on what's been going on on the road.  So stay tuned!

It's my first time here, where should I go?

Well, if you want to learn more about The Run, make sure to view the "Why Are We Doing This?" and "How Are We Doing This?" links directly above.  Make sure to check out our About Us page to learn more about the runners, and the Forum page to talk with us, to learn more about what we're doing, and to talk with others that follow our progress, from preparation to when we dip our tired feet in the Pacific. 

If you need to contact us in a different way, check out our Contact Us page.