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Yeah, we're still here Sun Mar 13, 2005 8:34 am

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PostPosted: Thu Sep 22, 2005 9:10 pm    Post subject: Yeah, we're still here Sun Mar 13, 2005 8:34 am Reply with quote

Wow, the space between updates has become longer and longer. I have been super busy lately, so that's my excuse. I think it's to make up for all the easy, lazy days I've had for the past 19 years, that now every day is nonstop. Thankfully it's making the time fly by, and in two weeks at this time I'll be with my family, enjoying a wonderful Easter. Well, actually at this time of day I'll probably be out logging a 18 miler, but you get the idea.

Running has been awesome lately. I switched to a new program that only runs 5 days a week. I feel very strong, and I've been knocking down 15 milers with no problem and no soreness. I am very slow though, thankfully I'm not training for a race, as I don't think I could break 5:40 in a mile right now. But I could probably run for 5 or 6 hours nonstop, so I guess it's worth the trade off.

I've been looking into mp3 players over the past week, deciding which one to buy. I've been desiring an iPod for about 4 years now, with an emotion I can only describe as technolust. But after some research I decided to go with a Creative player instead. I was looking for a flash-based mp3 player with 1GB of storage and in comparison the iPod Shuffle is overpriced and featureless. For a cheaper price, the Creative MuVo Micro n200 has all the features of the Shuffle, plus FM Radio, voice recording, LCD display, and in-line recording, which basically means I can hook a CD player in and record the songs directly to my player, and it even automatically inserts the track breaks. I can also record radio, at qualities up to 160khz! It also comes with a sports armband included, an item Apple feels the need to charge you $30 for!

Oh, and it runs off a single AAA battery, with play times hours longer than the Shuffle. The nice thing about AAA is that in a year or two when the iPod Shuffle internal battery dies and the owners have to spend $50+ to send it back to Apple for a replacement, I'll just be recharging my AAA's with a grin, thanking my lucky stars that I didn't buy one.

Plus, it looks so sexy in red!

Anyways, that should keep me company on my long runs where my good friend Curt Van isn't accompanying me. Curt and I go way back to my first days in cross country, he's an great guy and an excellent runner, with more talent in his little toe than I have in my whole body. He's training for a marathon, which is nice because it gives me some good company, and an excuse to hang out with my buddy.

I've been messing around with some laptops lately, trying to fix a student's laptop for him. I just realized that I could upgrade my laptop to two sticks of 1 gig RAM, meaning I'd be running a 3.2 gig pentium 4 with 2 gigs of RAM. While most people that read this won't really think much of it, I think true nerds could only describe that as sick. Too bad the sticks are about $240 each. Yet it's still a lot cheaper than buying 2 sticks of 512, a fact I find puzzling. Well, that's computers for you. So it's something to put on my wishlist, which is synonymous with "wait until I get a job that pays more than $5 a week."

As far as the T-shirts, I could lie to you and say I've been working on them, but I won't do that. I've been busy, and it's going to be a big headache. I think I'll probably just end up going through a local supplier, maybe the one that Mrs. Grille used for our Moon Monster shirts. But they will be coming...I hope.

I've got nothing else new to post. I haven't talked to Brandon in weeks, but he's still alive. I see him on my MSN Messenger list right now. So don't fret, I'll try to get him to post soon. Next time I'm on I'll probably post my training schedule as well. And with that, I say farewell.
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