Why run?


When we tell people we're running across the USA, the most common response we receive is just that: Why? The second most common response is laughter. The laughter we can deal with, it's the "Why?" that really gets us.

We could give you one of many meaningless answers: "Because it's there", "Why not?", "The journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step", or the ever cryptic "Because!" We've used all of them.

Our real reasons are a bit more complicated than any of these phrases, and the truth is that neither one of us truly understands fully why we want to subject ourselves to this. The best way for you to get a better understanding of our individual reasons is probably to check out our About Us link, but there are a few reasons that we definitely share.

We both love the sense of adventure this brings. We both look forward to the experiences we'll have, we both are excited to meet new people. We'll be honest, we're looking forward to our "15 minutes of fame." We hope to write a book about our experiences. In the past few years we've both had some very tragic and some very wonderful experiences, all of which have made the completion of The Run all the more important to us.

In the end, it's really something that we wanted to do. But if we had to dedicate to anything or anyone, we'd have to dedicate it to our wonderful group of family and friends, past and present, who have supported us in the past and who continue to support us, who helped turn what seemed like a pipe dream into something feasible and real.