Again Thu Apr 27, 2006 3:21 am

See, it wasn't a fluke. Africa approaches.

Post more later.

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It's been a long time Fri Apr 21, 2006 4:06 pm

Hey everybody,

I'm assuming the "everybody" is significantly smaller that it was at our peak of popularity, most likely because our adventures have gotten bland and our website has been dead for the past 4 months.

A big reason I have not posted in a while is because after the big problem with the site, Matt changed my password and I never got around to asking him what it was. However, I was browsing through my email inbox today, and I discovered that he sent me an email a long time ago, giving me my password, so I thought I would put that discovery to good use by posting for the first time in forever, which is where I find myself now.

I hope this isn't a fluke, and I plan to post a lot more regularly, so don't think I'm just teasing you. The truth is, Matt and I have recently had a mini adventure (England) and in less that a monthy we'll be embarking on another one to deepest darkest Africa (ok so it's not that deep and dark, but it is Africa.) We'll be travelling with our adopted organization from last summer, Water for Children Africa, and doing just what the name implies. Although we're not quite sure about the details, we'll be doing at least some work in a village in Ethiopia to provide them with safe water. We'll also be working in an AIDS orphanage, helping them with supplies and educating them on safety. Right there are two of the biggest problems facing Africa today, so hopefully we can help put a tiny dent in the problem.

I don't want to exhaust myself, so that's all for now. Keep looking though, cause as we get more and more details about the trip, we'll be relaying them to you, along with ways you can help. So, after a considerable absence, Matt and Brandon are trying to force their way back into your hearts and lives, so I hope you're not too mad at us for neglecting to write anything for so long.

For now,

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