Why would my company want to sponsor you?

Well, Matt and Brandon will be highly visible as they travel across the country.  Their Run will likely draw extensive media attention, giving your equipment low-priced exposure. 

Their forthcoming book detailing their Run will only serve to increase their popularity.

Well, what is it that you want?

We are taking sponsorships in two forms:  monetary and equipment.  We are currently in accepting equipment sponsorships in the form of:

  • Shoes
  • Running apparel (shorts, shirts, sunglasses)
  • Monitoring equipment (GPS, heart monitor, athletic watches)
  • Other (nutritional supplements, camping supplies, other running supples)

What else can you offer?

Well, Matt and Brandon may be willing to appear in advertisements for your product.  They may also be willing to give testimonials concerning your product's usefulness or quality.

I'm sold!  What now?

If you feel you have something to offer us, contact us via phone or e-mail.  Our addresses and numbers can be found on the Contact Us page.